The Problem

The problem

\r\nOur bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover! Over the last few years, we’ve decorated and added accessories such as the coloured toilet seat and it’s ended up as a bit of a mis-match.\r\n\r\nWe feel cramped and the bathroom’s difficult to clean.\r\n\r\nHelp!

The Diagnosis

How we did it

Colour wasn’t helping Catherine’s bathroom. By brightening up the walls with carefully chosen tiles and adding a beautiful, clean and contemporary suite, the room ‘opens up’ and becomes lighter and brighter. Adding a pedestal to the sink adds height to the room and the close-coupled toilet with soft-close lid ensures that comfort is built in. The over-bath shower and perspex shower screen ensure that cleaning is a breeze!

Customer Feedback

"... I love it!"

Thank you Graham!

\r\nThanks Graham – I couldn’t be happier. I have not only got a new, bright, clean and comfortable bathroom but I’ve enjoyed working with you every step of the way: from the design and specification, through to the ordering and delivery. And, without knowing any tradesmen in the area, your help in finding a plumber was invaluable. Thanks again for everything.

Cathryn Ecclestone - Southgate